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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Aug-2009 5:13 GMT

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If you are using REBOL 3, and you need to quickly find documentation, a good method is to include "REBOL 3" in your search field.

For example, Googling:

rebol 3 extensions

produces a different result than:

rebol extensions

The first line is much more useful.

This difference can be a bit annoying at times, so I thought I should note it. If you have found additional methods, let us know. Post a comment.



20-Aug-2009 17:35:42
Putting words you want to be adjacent in quotes can help:

  "rebol 3 extensions"
(returns pages with that exact phrase)

Using * as wild card can help when doing quoted searches:

  "rebol * extensions"
(finds pages with "rebol three extensions" or "rebol 3 extensions")

And again:

"rebol 3 extension*"
(finds extension, extensions, extensioning etc)

And limiting a search to a specific site / part of a site can help too:


Finally, use minus before a word to mean you don't want pages that include that word:

extensions -r2
( pages that have "extensions" but not "r2")
20-Aug-2009 17:46:46
I see that Oz is also using "extension" for DLL's
Carl S.
27-Aug-2009 2:35:14
Interestingly... Google is all of a sudden doing a much better job indexing the R3 documentation. For example, just typing REBOL Extensions will show numerous entries within the R3 docs. That result is quite different from a couple weeks ago.

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