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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
29-Oct-2009 23:51 GMT

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Because the change log shows lists of tickets closed, you don't really get to see the details about nice new features. Too bad there's not a blog like that somewhere (it's not me, hint hint).

For example. You may not have noticed that in A94 you can...

Get and set time fields in dates:

d: now
d/hour: 1

Get a map! of your environment variables:

make map! [
"ALLUSERSPROFILE" "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users"
"APPDATA" "C:\Documents and Settings\Carl\Application Data"
"CommonProgramFiles" "C:\Program Files\Common Files"

Perform logical shifts (in addition to the existing arithmetic shifts):

to-hex a: shift 1 63
shift a -63
shift/logical a -63

Yes, I'd like to have the time to write a nice blog of what's new in R3, but I'm maxed out with design, coding, testing... and the existing docs and blogs. But, if someone wants to go for it, I'd be more than happy to link it.

Sites like host free blogs. Easy to setup. Many nice features.



30-Oct-2009 9:53:44
Hiya, Why not link-in the recent changes in the Docs to a list on the page on the home site, keeping, for example, the eight most recent at a time.

I would assume this would be easy enough to automate:

Check date of posting

Grab Doc feature and make link

Post into main page (removing 9th entry)



30-Oct-2009 10:31:36
I don't think, we need anything special nowadays. Those who want can watch CC tickets or "Changes" page on the wiki ...

There was some release or so blog in the past, and it is pretty much forgotten nowadays. We should imo keep channels streamlined, if possible.

Or you can use prefix, as with parse:, e.g. new: resolved: changes: etc.

Carl Sassenrath
30-Oct-2009 13:30:20
Luis: I've been thinking about doing that. The REBOL sites are generated by REBOL using MakeDoc within a little Wiki engine. I've been thinking we could add a little tag that automates such things.

Pekr: I think you missed my point. For experts, CureCode and Changes are fine. But, for many users... it is not clear what certain one-line change notices really mean nor are there examples that show how to use them (because they are new features!) That's why I wrote the examples above... to show how nice it would be to see that type of content.

A good example are the recent PARSE changes. PARSE is now quite amazing in what it can do. Things like INSERT and REMOVE make it much more "smooth". But, if a person is an intermediate coder, how would they even know about those and the useful things that can be done in a few lines?

We need to find someone in our community who is "an educator" at heart... to write more about REBOL and how it is used. (And, I'd be more than happy to help make a list of possible topics, as would many other users.)

I think a blog on WordPress (or other free blog system) is a good publication method.

Brian Tiffin
31-Oct-2009 3:19:43
Carl, Graham;

Is this a job for the Rebol Week?

31-Oct-2009 18:44:44
A94 builds for Linux? Pretty please?

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