Comments on: A95 jump in size due to compiler optimizations

Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
24-Nov-2009 6:53 GMT

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As an experiment, A95 was built with compiler optimizations enabled. Normally, the alphas are not optimized.

This change increases the executable file size by about 75K, in case you were wondering why it grew.

Watch for any odd behavior due to the optimizations. (Yes, it can happen.)



24-Nov-2009 2:27:33
Hi. I run r3 in windows7 x64 . I get error messange: "this program can't start because MSVCRTD.dll is missing from your computer ."
24-Nov-2009 3:00:07
The same here, Vista Business Ultimate - 32bit. This release seems to be somehow overoptimized :-)
24-Nov-2009 3:04:13
Before R3 would be recompiled simply download this library and place it into WINDOWS/SYSTEM dictionary, this is runtime/debug library
24-Nov-2009 3:23:03
Pavel, are you suggesting it to Carl, or to the average user? :-) Because if you are suggesting it to users, it is imo unacceptable, the distro has to be complete ...

OK, downloaded from following link, copied file to Windows\System directory and A95 starts now:

Carl Sassenrath
24-Nov-2009 3:27:37
That should not be required. The exe should not be asking for msvcrtd. Let me investigate the problem.
Carl Sassenrath
24-Nov-2009 3:34:37
Ok, problem was that the AGG lib had debugging enabled. Download it again from website (about 10KB smaller now).

It should not require msvcrtd now.

24-Nov-2009 3:38:07
Confirming it is working OK now (does not require above mentioned dll file) ...
24-Nov-2009 4:31:12
75k more is fine with me, as long as it remains below 1 meg. :)
Jerry Tsai
19-Dec-2009 3:59:57
I tested my getting-primes code in A94 and A96. A94 took 19.xx seconds. A96 took 15.xx seconds. A96 is 20~25% faster.

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