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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
19-Mar-2010 16:55 GMT

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Hopefully, you've already noticed the new R3 GUI documentation. You should find the new documentation infinitely more readable than what was posted in DocBase.

The revision of the docs has been spirited forward by a few developers who are willing to invest in moving the GUI module forward again. So, I took some time out to rewrite the documentation, clarify the main concepts, and provide many working examples with screen-grab images.

Also, even if you're not interested in the GUI, take a look at the R3 Event System pages, because parts of that document relate to how all events are handled, including modules like network schemes.



Jim Richards
19-Mar-2010 16:28:32
I just wanted to say thank you for hard work and focus in bringing quality documentation to the Rebol Community. It looks great and is a much easier read than prior docs. Is there any chance you could give me and the community and update on the status of Rebol Services. Rebol needs to be in the Cloud.

Thanks Jim

19-Mar-2010 22:07:58
Indeed, a good layout, a much better read, grabs the attention!
23-Mar-2010 20:01:02
Looks fun. I can't wait until I can try it out on OS X (load-gui pulls down Version 0.2.1 and promptly fails).
26-Mar-2010 4:20:40
"The the GUI handler calls style actors to update the display or take some other action."

duplicate "The"

26-Mar-2010 12:08:56
Graham - good catch, but also ironically - this does not help R3 (GUI) going to beta :-) Hey, we want faster R3 development back ;-)
28-Mar-2010 14:02:34
not a word about text word in draw !!!! poor draw/text no one likes it!

In y opinion that the text word where most of the work in draw have to be focused on.

Statue of Buddha
30-Mar-2010 14:19:25
"Hey, we want faster R3 development back ;-)"

Shhhh! The less you hear, the faster it's moving. For that reason, I cringe when I hear even a peep about R3.

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