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Carl Sassenrath, CTO
REBOL Technologies
20-Oct-2010 0:32 GMT

Article #0343
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Ok, so as you may have noticed A108 was pretty rough around the edges. So, we've released A109 with a number of fixes that make it work a lot better, and it also adds major improvements to the module system, thanks to the efforts of Brian Hawley.

Of course, we've created a documentation nightmare for ourselves... there's quite a lot to do now to update it. I'm pretty sure you'll find the changes were worth it.



Brian Hawley
21-Oct-2010 1:15:42
As a starting point to resolving the documentation nightmare, I've added retroactive change requests in CureCode that describe the new features. Take a look, and be sure to check the change logs there.
Brian Hawley
22-Oct-2010 16:29:10
It turns out that A109 had an interesting bug added to its module system in the last half-hour of its testing phase. Didn't get enough sleep that day to catch the bug. So I have now updated the module test suite with all of the intended behavior, and made some charts to document the subtleties. I will have more charts and full feature coverage in the tests by Sunday, though the tests cover most of the design now.

This won't happen again: We are switching to Test-Driven Development for the module system code. No more random bugs will get through. However, we need to watch out for design flaws - TDD doesn't cover those, because they tend to be reflected in the tests as well. The tests will occasionally make design flaws apparent though, especially if they make the tests look silly. It's a tradeoff.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you run into the A109 module system bug. It's obscure.

Brian Hawley
16-Nov-2010 12:02:30
A110 fixed all the module system problems in A109. Yay!
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